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Credit Card Processing

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Wholesale Georgia ATM Machine Supplier

Whether you want to install an ATM machine in a business in Atlanta or a small town in Georgia, ATM Wholesaler can help install an ATM machine in areas throughout the state. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to go with a Georgia ATM supplier based specifically in Georgia. ATM Wholesaler provides ATM machines for businesses throughout the U.S. Our wide-reaching business is able to keep costs low and provide technical support as good as an ATM Supplier that is based just around the corner.

Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire U.S. In Atlanta, business is booming. Yet in much of Atlanta ATM opportunities are still left untapped. This is good news. Over-saturation is one of the major obstacles in putting an ATM machine in your storefront or office building. If there are several ATM machines in the immediate area, you will be less likely to bring in new business. We have extensive demographic knowledge about ATM machines in Georgia.

This is not just the case with Atlanta, but smaller areas, such as Macon, Columbus, and Athens, and the tourist mecca Savannah. Our Georgia Wholesale ATM supplier can provide wholesale Atm machines to all of these locations and more. A local Atlanta-based ATM provider may not be able to provide machines and technical support to businesses further south, or to smaller communities.

Cutting ATM Machine Costs In Georgia

Where can be a fair number of costs associated with ATM machines. At ATM Wholesaler we offer the best prices of any Georgia ATM supplier in the industry. In addition to the machine itself, you will need to set up a separate phone line, receipt paper, and possibly a cash loading service. The latter is not a requirement—many people choose to load new cash themselves. At ATM Wholesaler, we will walk you through the entire process. We also offer machines that are easy to replace both cash and receipt paper.

In addition, at ATM Wholesaler we offer machines with both one and multiple cash cassettes. Multiple cassettes are necessary if you are using an armored car service. What this should tell you is that there are potentially a number of other costs so it is vitally important to keep costs low for the initial expenditure of the machine itself. You can count on ATM Wholesaler to offer the best prices compared to any other Georgia ATM supplier in the state.

If you are brand new to the ATM machine experience and have a slim idea of what will be required, we will help set up an ATM machine in Georgia that is right for your business. We have ATM machines with a harder exterior so it can be left unattended—with heavy-duty locks and tamper resistance. This is important both for in-store security as well as Internet security.

All in all, there is a lot to think about when choosing a Georgia Wholesale ATM supplier. We will help with every step of the way. We won’t just plug in the machine and leave. You can count on ATM Wholesaler to help with installation, upkeep, and whatever questions or concerns you might have.

We Guarantee the Lowest ATM Prices in the Industry!

ATMWholesaler.com doesn't just sell ATMs; we are a one stop shop for all of your ATM Machine needs! ATM Paper, ATM Parts, ATM Supplies and ATM Processing are just a few ways that we can help you and your business succeed. We commonly place ATM Machines in convenient stores, gas stations, restaurants, truck stops, hotels, liquor/beer stores, office buildings and any other location where customers need direct access to their money. ATMWholesaler.com also offers Wireless ATM Units, credit card processing, credit card terminals, and we will even fill your ATM Machine for you!

When it comes to doing business with our clients, we aim to surpass all expectations, which is why we service all 50 states. ATMWholesaler.com offers a one year warranty for free parts, labor, and supplies to all our clients and we provide prompt payments to all our customers, as well as on screen and receipt advertisement. ATMWholesaler.com also offers a lifetime warranty at a very affordable price. We provide professional onsite installation and training to all our clients and we offer a guaranteed ATM buyback program. Give us a call today to see why our customers say we provide the absolute best customer service out there!


You can now lease an ATM Machine for as low as $89 a month!

Call for more details! 877-770-3322

ATM Locations

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ATM Wholesaler machines can be founded in the biggest most populous cities, as well as quaint small-town America. See if your city is on our list and if not, be the first of all your business colleagues.

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Important Information

ATM Facts

    ATM Benefits

    • The average ATM customer will spend a substantial portion of site-accessed money with your business.
    • ATM machines bring customers to your business so that they may access the ATM.
    • ATMs provide ultimate convenience to your customers.
    • Having an ATM machine saves your business from having to take checks.
    • Eliminate credit card charge backs.
    • Save your business the percentage you would normally pay the bank on credit card transactions; ATMs generate income with every transaction.
    • ATMs attract more customers, increase sales, and reduce bad check losses to zero.

Each ATM Includes

 Each ATM Machine you buy or lease includes:

  • Free 24 Hour ATM Support
  • Free ATM Sign & Promo Package
  • Real-Time Online Transaction Statistics
  • Parts & Labor Warranty Included (Also ask about our lifetime warranty program)
  • Join Over 5000 Happy ATM Merchants

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The EMV terminals have already been in place throughout the world and will become the standard in the United States in October of 2015.

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